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Our faculty aims to educate individuals through a high level of education and scientific research in such a way that they will have deep understanding of their own values , open to the universal values and helpful to the country and hepful to the world. Our faculty is committed to contribute to the continuous development to the academic and scientific literature.Our faculty desires from the graduates to have self-confident and to be qualified individuals that can work in public sector, private sector, local, national and international institutions and organizations. For a country's economic development, there is a need to provide scientific and technological developments. For this purpose R & D is needed and technological information can be obtained as a result of the R & D studies. Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering aims to carry forward the existing technological knowledge and R & D activities to contribute to community development and to support the education. Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering gives priority to the research among teaching, research and application components and positions itself as a research-oriented faculty. Equipped with the latest technology for academics and students that require high-cost infrastructure in the field of natural sciences and engineering sciences, about eighty education and research laboratories were established. With these means Faculty of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering has the opportunity of international universities, scientific environments and infrastructure standards.


Prof. Dr. Osman SAĞDIÇ